Getting Your Shift Together


shift /SHift/
1.  a change or transfer from one place, position, direction, person, etc., to another

1. to put (something) aside and replace it by another or others; change or exchange: 
to shift friends; to shift ideas. 
2. to assume responsibility

change, move, transform, transition, alter, modify, adjust, adapt, amend.

However you choose to name it, change is inevitable. It’s scary, it’s exhilarating—and it’s necessary.
Sometimes change is triggered by a catastrophic event; sometimes it’s motivated by anger, sadness, or because you’re fed up with the status quo. Or, perhaps you have a great idea—you’re excited, there’s something you just have to do and you can’t help yourself!

Change is opportunity. As is Shift—our chosen word in this case—as it signifies, for us, a small but meaningful movement, an incremental step forward. With the kind of shift we’re talking about, and with most change, huge brush strokes aren't necessary; all that's warranted is a subtle, important shift in thinking, which elicits feeling—sparking that first momentous burst forward.

A journey of a
thousand miles begins
with one step.

With that, what does shift mean for you? Where are you looking to make shifts in your life and why? What step or steps are you willing to take? 

Or, if you think you want shift but are struggling to move forward on it, what’s holding you back?

Dripping water
hollows a stone

This reminds us that small, consistent steps over time pack a punch. Don’t ever underestimate your strength.

Whether you desire a shift in career, health, relationship, perspective, or you wish to effect change on a broader scale, you have the power. Decide what’s important to you and use it!

A courageous young woman shared her experience of sexual assault and began an entire movement #metoo. An unjust acquittal led to the formation of an international activist crusade #BlackLivesMatter. We are especially inspired by the courageous, eloquent students who spoke out about the recent tragic events in Florida. Their voices are now being heard around the world and we believe major shift is on the horizon #NeverAgain. (For ways to add your voice, see the link below).

As coaches, we observe remarkable transformations every week with our clients, and it usually starts with an awareness; an acknowledgment that they would like more—or less—of something in their lives, and the realization that it is up to them to make it happen. 

To help you get your shift together, we’ve created a relevant acronym:

SHIFT: Shaping How I Focus Today

Think about the big picture and what steps you can start to take to make that shift. Stay laser-focused and come up with small, actionable items. Shape, adapt or accommodate your day to match your intentions and vice versa, allowing yourself to be fluid. 

There just needs to be movement.

Dianne & Robert

Click here for ways to do your part for gun control regulation.

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