17 Weird & Wonderful Things About November


Have you heard the one about the Witches?

Why can’t witches have babies? 

Because their husbands have hallow weenies!!  

Happy Halloweenie!


Moving right along...

We’re pleased to share our curated calendar of historical November events...

1—Asskickers' “Finding a Balance” Workshop

2—National Deviled Egg Day

8—National Harvey Wallbanger Day

12—Asskickers' One Year Anniversary!

13—National Kindness Day (and Dianne’s birthday!) 

16—International Day for Tolerance

16—Free Workshop Day! Asskickers’ “How to Have Fun During The Holiday Season—In Spite of Your Family”  (see International Day for Tolerance, above

18—National Princess Day (Robert’s taking this one off) 

19—World Toilet Day (because everyone should have access to clean and safe toilets!) 

19—Have a Bad Day Day (having a shitty day? see above)

20—Transgender Day of Remembrance

20—Asskickers “How to Have Fun During The Holiday Season” Workshop

21—World Hello Day (well, hello there ;-)

23—National Day of Mourning (aka Election Day 2016)

24—National Flossing Day

28—Asskickers' “Finding a Balance” Workshop

28—National Day of Giving

New & Noteworthy...

Free Workshop!
To give thanks for all the wild and wacky abundance that November brings, we're offering a Free Workshop to our followers and their friends on November 16Click here to register or email us at info@asskickers.nyc. Space is limited, so secure your spot now. 

Cream Cheese & Coaching!
While prepping a Lunch & Learn for WeWork in Manhattan, we thought: "Hey! Let’s put a different spin on this!" With that, 'Cream Cheese & Coaching' was born—our morning coaching clinic designed to help members jump start their week.

Over bagels & cream cheese, we conduct complimentary 15 minute one-on-one coaching sessions to give folks a taste of coaching. We believe this to be a great way for those who are curious about coaching to experience its power first-hand.


Dianne & Robert (and Bagels) at work at WeWork. 

Dianne & Robert (and Bagels) at work at WeWork. 

Not a WeWork member? Don’t fret! We're happy to speak with you about bringing our Coaching Clinic to your company. To learn more, email us at info@asskickers.nyc.

At last week's workshop, The Things You Say You Want To Do, we looked at the internal and external reasons people put off doing, well... the things they say they want to do! Participants got really clear about why they want to do certain things and why they don’t take the necessary steps to do them. Everyone left the workshop super charged and ready to take action. It was a powerful evening for all involved. 

Often at our workshops, someone may say something which elicits a memorable quote; last week’s standout was “Sometimes you have to go backward in order to go forward” which resonated with all present. Think about the narrative you have accepted about yourself:  I am a teacher, a husband, a mother, a son. This may only reveal part of the whole you. Or, try saying to yourself, “This was my story; it's not my story any longer. This is who I am now.” Occasionally, we may have to tweak our personal narratives by asking if the story we keep telling ourselves is still accurate.

As Glennon Doyle says in her NY Times bestselling memoir 'Love Warrior'—“I have unbecome, and I am ready to begin again.”

And what better way than with a bagel and schmear. 😊

With Lots of Lox,
Dianne & Robert