You're Not Alone

Vol. 1 Asskickers January 2017

We hope this message finds you warm and toasty and that your year is off to a kick-ass start.

For our first newsletter, we thought we’d share what we’ve been up to since our launch on November 12th. These past couple of months have been fueled with hard work and passio
n, quite a few laughs (mostly at ourselves), as well as our fair share of challenges (careful planning aside, unexpected surprises can lurk around the corner) —kicking ass can sometimes take a little longer than you think.

One of the things Robert has been struggling with is wanting to leap ahead. He sees the big picture but realizes he needs to
step back and tend to the smaller pieces that make it up. Dianne is similarly challenged, though perhaps overly keen on the small details, and is working to strike a healthy balance between these and other aspects of her life. We both are so eager and want to do so much, reach so many people, but also realize we must be patient. We’ve agreed to focus on our small achievements. To that end, we'd like to share this quote we stumbled upon:


"Whoever said that small things don’t matter never saw a match start a wildfire!"

This month, we introduced our Goal Setting Workshop, which exceeded our—and others’— expectations. Two of the most pressing goals that have been brought to our workshops are Health and Productivity—eating better, getting more physical activity, cutting down on excessive behaviors—these are important, noble goals, yet they pose a real challenge. Productivity is another big issue people are struggling with. There is so much to do and so many distractions (notice we didn’t say too little time…).

We have been inspired by so many of you. The willingness of others to openly share their dreams and their struggles; the hopes and encouragement for their peers; the generosity and kindness, has humbled us. This only serves to confirm our belief that small groups offer huge power—reinforcing that we’re not alone and that we all face many of the same challenges. To everyone who is taking action to make better choices in their lives—as well as those of you who are considering it—we applaud and support you.

Here’s what’s coming up on our calendar:
February is forever associated with LOVE, so we thought we’d address Self-Love (and Self-Care). We’ve also introduced an Emergency Workshopour Post Inauguration Stress Buster (which we believe is self-explanatory). In March, we take a look at Kicking Habits. More on these can be found on our website at

A number of people have inquired about ongoing support groups. At this point, these are in the works for people who have previously attended one of our workshops. Stay tuned for more details!

So in closing, we leave you with this… How do you plan to kick ass this year? 

We’d love to hear from you.

Dianne & Robert