Our 27 Gluten-Free Tips for Cooking Up a Creative Mindset

From Vol. 4 Asskickers April 2017


The dictionary loosely defines it as “the use of the imagination or original ideas.” Whether you think you have a "creative bone" in your body or not, using your imagination, and coming up with original and innovative ideas, is essential to our well-being and, ultimately, our success.

Creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be about making art. Whether you’re looking for ways to get along with a difficult coworker, coming up with solutions for your family’s meal plan, or becoming the next Picasso, how we approach just about everything in our lives depends on creativity.

How do you express yours?
Here’s our go-to recipe for getting those creative juices flowing:


Step 1. Cultivate a creative mindset. Dianne recalls a time when a friend was styling a photo shoot for a linen company; she needed someone to iron sheets and offered Dianne the job. Although she hated ironing (and was terrible at it), she didn’t want to turn down a well-paying gig. Donning her imaginary “Chief Ironing Officer” cap, Dianne told herself, “You got this,” and successfully steamed and pressed luxury sheets for two days straight—much to her surprise and glee. The point is, we often psyche ourselves out of something that we are perfectly capable of accomplishing.

Step 2. Put fear in the freezer. It’ll be chilly in there, but be willing to step out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, and feel silly. Ask yourself, “What have I got to lose?”—or even better, “What have I got to gain?” You may be pleasantly surprised. 

Step 2. Dare to be different. This takes courage. But again, what have you got to lose? Yes, everything has been done under the sun—so make it yours. Find your unique voice.

Step 4. Embrace resistance. From others, from yourself, and within your work. Pushback is essential as it challenges us to own our convictions, clarify our desires, work harder and better, forcing us to be resourceful. 

Step 5. Set your table for success. While this might sound cliché, setting the right conditions to enable you to shine is paramount. What do you need to ensure maximum efficiency, brain flow, and deliciousness? (A quiet space? Your favorite playlist? Your power underwear?)

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Creatively yours,
Dianne & Robert

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