Getting Your Shift Together


shift /SHift/
1.  a change or transfer from one place, position, direction, person, etc., to another

1. to put (something) aside and replace it by another or others; change or exchange: 
to shift friends; to shift ideas. 
2. to assume responsibility

change, move, transform, transition, alter, modify, adjust, adapt, amend.

However you choose to name it, change is inevitable. It’s scary, it’s exhilarating—and it’s necessary.
Sometimes change is triggered by a catastrophic event; sometimes it’s motivated by anger, sadness, or because you’re fed up with the status quo. Or, perhaps you have a great idea—you’re excited, there’s something you just have to do and you can’t help yourself!

Change is opportunity. As is Shift—our chosen word in this case—as it signifies, for us, a small but meaningful movement, an incremental step forward. With the kind of shift we’re talking about, and with most change, huge brush strokes aren't necessary; all that's warranted is a subtle, important shift in thinking, which elicits feeling—sparking that first momentous burst forward.

A journey of a
thousand miles begins
with one step.

With that, what does shift mean for you? Where are you looking to make shifts in your life and why? What step or steps are you willing to take? 

Or, if you think you want shift but are struggling to move forward on it, what’s holding you back?

Dripping water
hollows a stone

This reminds us that small, consistent steps over time pack a punch. Don’t ever underestimate your strength.

Whether you desire a shift in career, health, relationship, perspective, or you wish to effect change on a broader scale, you have the power. Decide what’s important to you and use it!

A courageous young woman shared her experience of sexual assault and began an entire movement #metoo. An unjust acquittal led to the formation of an international activist crusade #BlackLivesMatter. We are especially inspired by the courageous, eloquent students who spoke out about the recent tragic events in Florida. Their voices are now being heard around the world and we believe major shift is on the horizon #NeverAgain. (For ways to add your voice, see the link below).

As coaches, we observe remarkable transformations every week with our clients, and it usually starts with an awareness; an acknowledgment that they would like more—or less—of something in their lives, and the realization that it is up to them to make it happen. 

To help you get your shift together, we’ve created a relevant acronym:

SHIFT: Shaping How I Focus Today

Think about the big picture and what steps you can start to take to make that shift. Stay laser-focused and come up with small, actionable items. Shape, adapt or accommodate your day to match your intentions and vice versa, allowing yourself to be fluid. 

There just needs to be movement.

Dianne & Robert

Click here for ways to do your part for gun control regulation.

We Want to hear from you!
Let us know what shift you're looking to make, and if you have friends or colleagues who might benefit from this months email, please consider sharing. #MakeShiftHappen

As always, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.



As January comes to a close, and with 2017 safely behind us (some might even say it was a sh**hole of a year), we thought we'd highlight a few of the things that made us smile:

Pussy Hats

The Solar Eclipse 😎

The BBC Dad

Colin Kaepernick

The Royal Engagement  💍

Feet firmly planted in 2018, we're thinking of the months ahead while considering the common tendency to bite off more than one can chew. With that, we're kicking off this year's first newsletter with our column 'Assk the Asskickers' and a great question we received from one of our readers.

Dear Asskickers:

It’s the middle of January and I’m already feeling defeated by all the things I want to do.

For starters, I want to finish my screenplay and leave my soul-sucking day job. Add to that, I’m trying to get to the gym daily (I’ve been told I need to lose weight), spend time with my 10 year old nephew who recently lost his father to heart disease, and finally, put myself out there again (I’m recently single). I’m completely drained and have no time or mental capacity for my writing, much less anything else.

I know it sounds like I’m all over the place and any help would be appreciated.

Floundering in Fort Green

Dear Catch of the Day,

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate! First things first: Congratulations on taking this important step by acknowledging that you need help and asking for it. Here’s what we’re picking up about you (please indulge us, as we may have taken some liberties): 

• You’re creative—and passionate about writing. 

• You believe that your screenplay is good. It sounds like you may even have some bites!

• You long to work/live/play in a healthy, supportive environment where you can use your creativity and feel fulfilled. 

• You take your well-being seriously and are willing to take the steps necessary to feel better physically and otherwise. 

• You value family and relationships. Bravo for making your nephew a priority. It also seems like you want to be the best role model that you can. 

• You’re single and ready to mingle, and about to put the (soon to be) new and improved version of yourself back out on the market. 

While you’re obviously juggling a lot—both physically and emotionally—we feel a few small but strategic steps would make your life more manageable—and let’s face it, enjoyable.

Let’s break it down:

Time. Where can you tweak your schedule so that you have more time to use as you please? For example, you mentioned you go to the gym daily. Perhaps you could alternate your exercise regimen to include outdoor activities with your nephew—say riding bikes, playing ball or climbing that rock.  

Lousy job. For as long as you have to be there, think about what benefits your present job affords you. A paycheck seems obvious. Perhaps health insurance and maybe even health incentives? Flexible hours? Contacts or connections? Figure out how to capitalize on the pluses and don’t fall prey to the toxicity, while considering your exit plan.

Your screenplay. Set a deadline for completion of your screenplay, or several deadlines for different stages. Break it down into realistic pieces. Quality time with your nephew might include a work session together—writing for you and homework for him. It’s a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and support each other.

Tie it all together. Schedule, schedule, schedule!!! If it’s not on the calendar it’s not real. Schedule time for your various activities and obey the calendar!

On a final note, we’re sorry for your loss and understand, too, that you may need time to grieve. The loss of someone close often makes us think of our own mortality. Yes to the urgency of getting your health and career on track! We would caution you, however, against burn out. You may also want to consider joining us for one of our Setting Clear Goals workshops (see below). Small, intentional, healthy steps. Remember—slow and steady wins the race.

And one more thing... who might you enlist (other than your nephew as wing man—who doesn’t appreciate a dude with a kid?) to support you and hold you accountable? A good network of people will keep you focused on what's important and improve your chances for success. We’re here to support you, so don’t hesitate to check in with us. We’d love to hear how you’re doing.

In the spirit of this past weekend's Women's March, keep walking tall and toward progress.

Wishing you a great year,
Dianne & Robert

kicking ass with The Asskickers


As we approach the end of our first year together as Asskickers, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all your love and continued support. 

In the spirit of the season, we remain hopeful and believe more than ever that we must celebrate all that is good— in ourselves, our communities and our world.

To that end, we've created a very special program for our friends and followers which will be launching this January. Please read on to learn more.

We wish you and yours a holiday season filled with
triumphs, love and joy.

Dianne & Robert

ASSKICKERS 30-Day Program
to Creating Personal & Purposeful Change w
hile Celebrating our Differences

(aka Not Your Grandma's Goal Setting Workshop)

It’s been a tough year all around. Even tougher for those who are marginalized, bullied, picked on or persecuted because of their (perceived) differences. We stand with you all. 

In the spirit of the holidays and community, we’re offering a special program during the month of January to help you start your year off on the right foot (or left, if you prefer)while helping to put an end to bullying. Asskickers will be donating 20% of all proceeds to

Beginning the week of January 8th, we’ll gather virtually for weekly group discussions to share our goals and intentions, collaborate, brainstorm and empower one another as we pursue our personal journeys. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all workshop. Rather, it’s a self-exploration into our individuality and unique ways of doing and being. Together we’ll explore and honor our personal values, strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to effect meaningful, sustainable change in our lives.

What you can expect from us: As coaches, we’ll support and challenge you, help you identify what’s getting in the way, assign tailored exercises, create accountability and much more.

This program consists of:

Weekly virtual group chats 

Weekly challenges sent directly to your inbox

Mid-week check-ins to help keep you on track (via email) 

A Digital Personal Journal with prompts for reflection and action   

Plus—if you sign up before December 25th, you’ll receive one 50-minute individual coaching session with Dianne or Robert. (a $125 value)

This program is for you if:

  • You're ready to make real change in your life
  • You care about community and the world at large
  • You’re tired of making excuses
  • You're a team player

This program is not for you if:

  • You're content with the status quo
  • You don't really want to work for what you want
  • You're afraid to commit 
  • You don't play well with others

    Program Cost: $95 (a $450 value)

    *Groups will meet "virtually" Monday or Wednesday from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm beginning the week of January 8. Additional times will be added as needed.  
    To reserve your spot, click here. 
    For questions or more information, email us at

    Gift Giving Made Easy...
    Not sure what to give your Aunt Irma this Christmas? How about a kick in the ass ;-)

    Send your loved ones an Asskickers Gift Card redeemable towards this program, one of our signature workshops, or a private coaching session. Show your love by offering a life-changing experience!

    In closing, we hope you’ll join us on this journey of self-discovery while doing your part to raise awareness in the fight against bullying. And please... consider sharing this message with your friends, loved ones, coworkers, and others. 

    With many thanks,
    Dianne & Robert

17 Weird & Wonderful Things About November


Have you heard the one about the Witches?

Why can’t witches have babies? 

Because their husbands have hallow weenies!!  

Happy Halloweenie!


Moving right along...

We’re pleased to share our curated calendar of historical November events...

1—Asskickers' “Finding a Balance” Workshop

2—National Deviled Egg Day

8—National Harvey Wallbanger Day

12—Asskickers' One Year Anniversary!

13—National Kindness Day (and Dianne’s birthday!) 

16—International Day for Tolerance

16—Free Workshop Day! Asskickers’ “How to Have Fun During The Holiday Season—In Spite of Your Family”  (see International Day for Tolerance, above

18—National Princess Day (Robert’s taking this one off) 

19—World Toilet Day (because everyone should have access to clean and safe toilets!) 

19—Have a Bad Day Day (having a shitty day? see above)

20—Transgender Day of Remembrance

20—Asskickers “How to Have Fun During The Holiday Season” Workshop

21—World Hello Day (well, hello there ;-)

23—National Day of Mourning (aka Election Day 2016)

24—National Flossing Day

28—Asskickers' “Finding a Balance” Workshop

28—National Day of Giving

New & Noteworthy...

Free Workshop!
To give thanks for all the wild and wacky abundance that November brings, we're offering a Free Workshop to our followers and their friends on November 16Click here to register or email us at Space is limited, so secure your spot now. 

Cream Cheese & Coaching!
While prepping a Lunch & Learn for WeWork in Manhattan, we thought: "Hey! Let’s put a different spin on this!" With that, 'Cream Cheese & Coaching' was born—our morning coaching clinic designed to help members jump start their week.

Over bagels & cream cheese, we conduct complimentary 15 minute one-on-one coaching sessions to give folks a taste of coaching. We believe this to be a great way for those who are curious about coaching to experience its power first-hand.


Dianne & Robert (and Bagels) at work at WeWork. 

Dianne & Robert (and Bagels) at work at WeWork. 

Not a WeWork member? Don’t fret! We're happy to speak with you about bringing our Coaching Clinic to your company. To learn more, email us at

At last week's workshop, The Things You Say You Want To Do, we looked at the internal and external reasons people put off doing, well... the things they say they want to do! Participants got really clear about why they want to do certain things and why they don’t take the necessary steps to do them. Everyone left the workshop super charged and ready to take action. It was a powerful evening for all involved. 

Often at our workshops, someone may say something which elicits a memorable quote; last week’s standout was “Sometimes you have to go backward in order to go forward” which resonated with all present. Think about the narrative you have accepted about yourself:  I am a teacher, a husband, a mother, a son. This may only reveal part of the whole you. Or, try saying to yourself, “This was my story; it's not my story any longer. This is who I am now.” Occasionally, we may have to tweak our personal narratives by asking if the story we keep telling ourselves is still accurate.

As Glennon Doyle says in her NY Times bestselling memoir 'Love Warrior'—“I have unbecome, and I am ready to begin again.”

And what better way than with a bagel and schmear. 😊

With Lots of Lox,
Dianne & Robert

I Can See Clearly Now



Oh, September… 

Time to wash the sand and sunscreen out of your eyes and get ready for, among other things, pumpkin spice overload!  

While pumpkin spice isn’t really our thing, we do get its appeal. It seems to mimic the dichotomy of the season: settling into a familiar, cozy routine while embracing the desire to take on something new and challenging, and we're all for that! After a relatively relaxing summer, we're ecstatic to be back in full swing and have lots of new projects in the works.

We see it often—more so now than at the start of the year—the excitement with which people gear up for the "Back to School" season: chunky sweaters, crisp bike rides, rosy cheeks, and fresh notebooks promising new perspectives.

“The more of me I be, 
the clearer I can see” 

–Rachel Archelaus

Now that Autumn is upon us, we wonder what it is that you would like to bring into your life—today and throughout the year.  We’ll let you ponder that for a bit, recommending you keep it simple and clear. And while you’re trying to figure it out, remember that we’re always here to help.

Want some more food for thought and inspiration?

We're pleased to share our latest Assk the Asskickers Q&A.  And by the way, we love receiving your questions, so keep 'em coming!



Your tough questions addressed

A monthly column offering insights, compassion, some useful tools for self-empowerment—and a bit of humor. 



Q. There are so many things I want to do this fall!  Take an acting class, join Weight Watchers, cut down on FaceBook, and the list goes on. How do I stay focused on these things and where do I start?

—Mike C., Greenwich, CT

Dear Multifaceted Mike,

Great question and we love your enthusiasm!

For many people, September and the advent of fall feel like a blank slate—a perfect time to take up something new. I would bet, too, that many of those same people find that the excitement wanes (and resentment waxes) as work and other obligations take center stage and time is limited.

As with any change (or anything new) we introduce into our lives, we often have to make adjustments: physical, emotional, financial, even spatial. So how do you maintain your enthusiasm and set yourself up for a successful, exciting, enlightening fall season? 

Regarding the many things you want to do: 

Start by writing them down—don’t censor yourself, have fun. Then, next to each item, write the reason why you want to do it. Next: using a scale of 1 to 10, go through your list and decide how important each item is to you. Finally, what are the logistics and what does each one of these items or activities entail?  Do you have to put money aside, carve out some time, shift long-established habits? Do the research, get the information. 

Pick the one thing that is tugging at your heartstrings and schedule it—physically put it on your calendar. Then set the intention to show up and enjoy! Once this is part of your routine, pick the next item on your list—lather, rinse and repeat.

Still struggling?  Hop over to our Upcoming Workshops and sign up for The Things You Say You Want To Do.

See you on the Great White Way,

Q. Why can't we be those people that always have their homes neat and organized? Why do we always need to clean / put stuff away for 1-2 hours every time friends come over or the cleaning lady is scheduled? What simple and easy steps could we do to have our home be neat and tidy?

—Susie O.,  Harlem, NY

Dear Sucio No Mas,

We hear your frustration. Many of us, especially New Yorkers or city dwellers, have a hard time accommodating all our possessions. Everyone’s tolerance for clutter is different. Try not to compare your home organization or aesthetic to others.Your place just might offer a cozy respite to those minimalist friends who invited you over for that sushi dinner last month.  

Researchers have found that certain people need a bit of a mess in their surroundings to feel inspired and get work done. Seek to create spaces that make you feel at ease. That being said, clutter often comes down to our ducking decisions or simply refusing to make them.  In what ways might this apply to you?
Does the clutter offer a form of protection?  For example, is it an excuse to not invite your family over (or that cute neighbor down the hall)?

Before getting rid of that stack of cartons in the middle of your living room and tackling that pile of dust bunnies, consider this:

How is clutter interfering in your life? What might improve in your life if you were to get a handle on it. 

Physical clutter (and the accompanying feelings around it) competes for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress.

Here are a few painless steps to help you get some more zen in your den:

Try creating a pocket of order. 
The key is to start small: Tackle one room—or even one bookshelf—at a time. 

Sometimes it's as simple as designating a place for each item, especially when space is at a premium.

Contemplate each item and ask yourself how it serves you. If it no longer does, get rid of it. For those things you still love but no longer have a use for, consider passing them on to others so that they can enjoy them as you once did.

Schedule clutter maintenance (get that calendar out again!).  It’s amazing what a difference only 5 minutes a day can make!

Often when our clients begin to see improvement in one area of their lives, they begin to take action in others (i.e. relationships, weight control, finding a better job, etc.).

Get ready for all the other perks your clutter-free life will attract!!

De nada,

Getting Out of Our Own Way— A Conversation with Performer Kenyon Phillips

From Volume 6 Asskickers June 2017

Earlier this spring, we had the pleasure of attending Kenyon Phillips’ newly mounted Unisex Salon at Joe’s Pub, a variety show filled with a cast of colorful NYC characters, original stories, songs, personality galore, and a number of very sexy surprises.

We sat down recently with the highly exuberant Kenyon
(who attended our very first Goal Setting Workshop last fall) to talk about his new show, the stories we all make up in our heads, and his desire to create community. 

A master of the stage, Kenyon wasted no time taking the lead. Below are some highlights of our conversation together:

On the stories we create in our heads: 
(Kenyon had performed at Joe’s Pub for years, and was asked in for a meeting after pitching his idea for Unisex Salon)

Kenyon: I had it in my head that they’re calling me into this meeting because they want to tell me in person: We feel bad, but it’s not going to work anymore... and have a nice life.

Dianne & Robert: In effect, to tell you that you suck.   

Kenyon: Yeah! I suck! I don’t deserve this. But it turned out they loved the idea, telling me Nobody does what you doIt also opened me up to the realization that I can ask for things.

Regarding jealousy in the artistic community: 
Kenyon: I remember years ago having a conversation with a fellow artist around jealousy and competition (and artists badmouthing one another) and I said When I find myself being intimidated by somebody, I choose to be inspired by them. 

Lessons learned on being true to yourself:  
Kenyon was asked to perform the song Memory from the musical Cats in a cabaret with several talented Broadway singers. 

Kenyon: When I was warming up, Eryn, my wife, said "It sounds good but why are you singing that way?" and I said what do you mean? And she said "Why don’t you sing the way you sing? You’re singing like Broadway." And I was like, Ohhhhhh okay. So then we went to the show, and I was nervous but was like, here goes nothing and I did it my way, and people loved it!

I think people hire us to get a hit of our energy and our vibrancy; I’m present with you and here’s the quality of my expression. And the truer and more authentic my expression is, the more valuable our time together is going to be.

On creating community: 
Kenyon:  These women (referring to his band, The Ladies in Waiting) are incredible, and they’re talented, and have voices, and these amazing songs and I wanted to share my experience with a larger audience. In a way, this is the most authentic showcase I can give. I've had people say, You're just being really codependent and you need to keep the spotlight on you, and I’m like, Listen I’ve been pursuing a career as an artist, as a musician, as a performer for 20 years! I’ve done that, and this is what I want: a community. And the thing is, it’s contagious. Everybody shines and that’s what makes me feel rich—being the glue that brings everyone together.

D&R: Hear, hear!

Kudos from Kenyon: 
Kenyon: What brings me joy is just being present, and that’s something you two manage to do beautifully as coaches. It’s something of a feat to make sure everybody’s present. I walked away so impressed by the way I was really fucking present for those two hours—and so was everyone else—and we were really interacting. And in a way, it was like your Unisex Salon, because you were facilitating in a way that was unobtrusive, but you were guiding it along. And then you would stand back at certain points, and let people talk, and let people interact.

D&R: (Blushing) Thank you!!
On how the show (and the subsequent praise) has changed him: 
Kenyon: Since doing the show, I realized it’s okay to be who I am and do what I do. What this show helped me do is realign my priorities: I wanna be a great host. I wanna be a great person, someone who’s generous. I’m exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing. 

Unisex Salon with Kenyon Phillips; Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street. July 23 at 9:30PM

Dramatically Yours, 
Dianne & Robert

P.S. And for our encore... we proudly present our new blog featuring our monthly column Assk the Asskickers where we'll be tackling your most pressing issues. 


Assk the asskickers

Your tough questions addressed

A monthly column offering insights, compassion, some useful tools for self-empowerment—and a bit of humor. 


Dear Asskickers,

My dating life is a disaster!  I haven’t been in a relationship in over 5 years. I've tried several of the online dating sites and every experience has been a nightmare.  So I wonder... Have I lost that lovin’ feeling?  Have I been alone too long?  Why am I attracting the wrong men?  Am I presenting myself incorrectly?  Which then asks an even bigger question - am I afraid to present who I am?  To ask for what I want and what I need?  Do I worry what they will think of me if I ask for too much?  Do I still keep myself in the pleaser roll and then get angry because that’s the kind of man I am attracting? 

How do I get rid of the old tapes running in my head?

—An 8 Track


Dear 8 Track,

It seems to us that you have the answers already, so we’ve taken the liberty of turning some of your questions into statements. Here’s what it looks like: 

I’m attracting the wrong men. I’m afraid to present who I am. I’m afraid to ask for what I want and what I need. I worry what they will think of me if I ask for too much. I keep myself in the pleaser role and then get angry because that’s the kind of man I (inevitably) attract. 

 I want to get rid of the old tapes running in my head. 

We invite you to read these statements out loud, preferably while looking in the mirror. Awkward. We know. 

Good. Well done. Now, we challenge you to turn these into affirmations, as in: I attract the right men, I am confident presenting who I am (or the real me), and I am confident to ask for what I want and what I need, and so on. (Now get back in that bathroom and say these out loud! Scream if you have to. Say it like you really mean it. Make this a daily practice. In fact, keep saying it until you believe it). 

Congratulations. You have just put out to the universe your wish for yourself. (Actually, you put it out there when you sent in your question, but now the energy has shifted). 

No one ever said it was easy to meet someone, let only the right someone. You have to get really clear about what you want, and why. Shift your attitude and energy. Tell your friends your intentions and ask to be set up. Change your online dating profile to reflect the real you (maybe even get a friend to write it for you!). Think about other ways of meeting people: take a class, attend a concert or an open mic alone, find activities that excite you—we’ll leave the rest up to you (wink, wink). Get out there, be unabashedly you, and have fun!


Dear Asskickers,
We love all the extra time we have because we procrastinate, but in reality, we’re wasting an enormous amount of time THINKING about all the things we need to do. How does one stop procrastinating when it feels so damn good? (On the surface at least).
—Time-sucker in Tribeca

Dear Time-sucker,

We all do it. Heck, we've been putting off responding to your question for a week now! (Yuk yuk!)  But seriously, How good does it really feel?

How often have you put something off that when you finally got around to doing it thought “I just wasted all this %#&*$#@ time and angst when it wasn’t such a big deal!”

The next time you're tempted to climb onto the couch with that pint of Haagen Dazs, remember how good it felt when you buckled down and accomplished the thing you’d been putting off and weigh that feeling against the angst.  

The bigger question is: What are you putting off and why?

Very often postponement is rooted in something deeper, some fear we are not ready to face. Take some time with these questions. Be bold, listen to the voices in your head and what they're hinting at. 

On the practical side: Get down and dirty with your To-Do list. Decide what is a priority and what can be put off or eliminated altogether. Be ruthless. Prioritize your priorities. Pull out your calendar and schedule your To-Dos. If it’s scheduled, it’s real. Commit to at least 20 minutes on each of these tasks and see where that takes you. And in the oh-so profound words of NIKE, Just do it! You’ll be glad you did. ◊

Dear Asskickers,
Comparison is the thief of joy: How do you NOT COMPARE yourself to all the other people that seem to be leading exciting lives, are wealthy, have numerous homes and great asses?
—Joyless in Jersey City


Dear Joyless,

We believe the operative word here is seem. Now more than ever, people have the ability—and need, it would seem—to show off their exciting, glamorous lives. Honestly, if your life was all that, would you really bother to take pictures and post them to social media? Maybe not.

Try limiting your social media exposure. We recently complimented a friend we follow on Instagram about the quality and amount of his work. He smiled and said “Social Media is a Mirage.” Avoid getting wrapped up in the black hole of I want what they have. We never really know another's true story. Focus on your own and make it the best it can be. 

Start a gratitude journal. Begin the day by listing three things you’re grateful for—maybe your morning latte, an air-conditioned subway car, or that text from a good friend. Your focus will shift to one of abundance from one of lacking.

The truth is, there will always be those who have more (bigger, better, sexier) than us and those who have less. Focus on what you have control over – if there is something you want, work your ass off (ha, ha). If you have no control over the outcome, make peace with it, and acknowledge the abundance in your life.

We leave you with this: The grass is always greener where you water it! ◊

Send your questions to us at
You'll be glad you did :-)

Our 27 Gluten-Free Tips for Cooking Up a Creative Mindset

From Vol. 4 Asskickers April 2017


The dictionary loosely defines it as “the use of the imagination or original ideas.” Whether you think you have a "creative bone" in your body or not, using your imagination, and coming up with original and innovative ideas, is essential to our well-being and, ultimately, our success.

Creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be about making art. Whether you’re looking for ways to get along with a difficult coworker, coming up with solutions for your family’s meal plan, or becoming the next Picasso, how we approach just about everything in our lives depends on creativity.

How do you express yours?
Here’s our go-to recipe for getting those creative juices flowing:


Step 1. Cultivate a creative mindset. Dianne recalls a time when a friend was styling a photo shoot for a linen company; she needed someone to iron sheets and offered Dianne the job. Although she hated ironing (and was terrible at it), she didn’t want to turn down a well-paying gig. Donning her imaginary “Chief Ironing Officer” cap, Dianne told herself, “You got this,” and successfully steamed and pressed luxury sheets for two days straight—much to her surprise and glee. The point is, we often psyche ourselves out of something that we are perfectly capable of accomplishing.

Step 2. Put fear in the freezer. It’ll be chilly in there, but be willing to step out of your comfort zone, make mistakes, and feel silly. Ask yourself, “What have I got to lose?”—or even better, “What have I got to gain?” You may be pleasantly surprised. 

Step 2. Dare to be different. This takes courage. But again, what have you got to lose? Yes, everything has been done under the sun—so make it yours. Find your unique voice.

Step 4. Embrace resistance. From others, from yourself, and within your work. Pushback is essential as it challenges us to own our convictions, clarify our desires, work harder and better, forcing us to be resourceful. 

Step 5. Set your table for success. While this might sound cliché, setting the right conditions to enable you to shine is paramount. What do you need to ensure maximum efficiency, brain flow, and deliciousness? (A quiet space? Your favorite playlist? Your power underwear?)

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Dianne & Robert

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